The Rose

E-Mail of Encouragement

July 21,2006

The Rose

(This E-Mail was first sent out June 29,1998. In light of events mentioned below this is appropriate.)

If you haven't been by the chapel lately, drop by and notice the dried rose lying in the Bible on the table. But also notice the small pamphlet with a fresh rose lying above the Bible. Then ponder this story of Tom and Sherry. A year ago Sherry suffered a aneurysm on the brain. Rushed to our hospital everything possible was done to save her life. The doctor gave Sherry, now in a coma, a 5% chance of survival. Praying in the chapel for Sherry's life, Tom noticed an old rose lying on the table. He asked God to restore its color and freshness as a sign of his presence with Tom in this ordeal. Days went by with no change in the flower. Then Tom noticed a Scripture Note in the rack by the Chapel. On its cover was a fresh red rose. In big bold print were these words, "The Lord is Faithful." Tom found his answer.

Two weeks ago Tom and Sherry walked back into the hospital to celebrate Sherry's one year anniversary of entering the hospital. Sherry placed the rose in the chapel. She was not expected to walk, talk or drive. She is doing all of these things and is looking for work.

From Psalm 111 inside the rose covered pamphlet,

"With all my heart I will thank the Lord in the assembly of his people. How wonderful are the things the Lord does! All who are delighted with them want to understand them. All he does is full of honor and majesty; his righteousness is eternal. "

Addendum: Sherry was employed before she even saw this note sent out to hospital staff. On the second anniversary of her first entry into the hospital Sherry returned once again to the hospital only this time it was to give birth to a son!

Update July 17,2006: Sherry called the office today. She wants to come back and visit to give hope. TJ her son is now 7 years old. We look forward to Sherry's visit.

Yes, the Lord is Faithful!

Mark Spain, Chaplain

Director of Pastoral Care

North Central Baptist Hospital

Baptist Health System